to sew on a button

Cut a thread of about 80 cm and double it. Pull approximately 5cm of the loose thread ends through the needle hole.

Now decide on where the button should be placed and make a stitch through the material twice (once in, gather some material and out again).

By pushing the needle through the thread loop a small knot will be visible on the material. Pull the thread tightly.

Thread one button hole onto the needle and stitch back again through the second hole.

A space is required between the button and the material so that the fabric side with the button hole has enough space under the button. This thread bridge is called “neck” and its length is defined according to the thickness of the material. The button of a coat for example requires a larger space between the button and the material than a shirt button.

In order to create this space between button and material use two match sticks or a knitting needle and place then onto the button. Now pierce through the button several times in and out always catching the material underneath.

The match sticks are now taken away again. Hold onto the button and twist the thread round and round the button neck several times in order for it to gain stability. Pierce through the material once more, knot the thread at the back side of the fabric and cut the thread ends.

The button is now sewn on and will hopefully last for a long time!

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